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The Artist in his World (1998)
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Adam and Eve
Six Variations on a Still Life
Biblical Themes (shuffled like dreams)
Tales from the Polish Woods
Bosnian Heads
Agamemnon's Return
No Way Out

Although primarily Ian McCulloch's book (not the lead-singer of Echo and the Bunnymen, but a Scottish artist of Gray's own generation), Gray contributed 'Eight Poems written from 2 to 5 August 1998 on eight series of prints by Ian McCulloch'. Gray and McCulloch first met as schoolboys in June 1952, at Glasgow's Eastbank Academy and continued together to the Glasgow School of Art. McCulloch accompanied Gray on an eventful visit to Gibraltar and Andalucia in 1958. Gray later recounted the trip in the short story 'A Report to the Trustees', collected in Lean Tales.

The poems act as a complement to the collection of McCulloch's woodcut prints. McCulloch says in his preface:
I still remember the shock of discovering at that time [the 1950s] Alasdair Gray's drawings made with biro - I still have one of the drawings on a fragment of newspaper from this period. It is a head - perhaps a self-portrait - which I took great delight in paraphrasing when developing the head of Adam for the 'Hyperborean Adam' print.'

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