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Songs of Scotland (1995)
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Like the earlier Shoestring Gourmet (also written by Wilma Patterson), the book is designed and illustrated throughout by Gray. It contains words and music to 100 Scottish folk songs, from the well-known (Skye Boat Song, Auld Lang Syne) to the less familiar. Endpapers, front and back, are creamy yellow and illustrated in blue ink with a parade of kilted highlanders in bare feet carrying giant thistles. The dark blue boards are decorated front and back with the cross of St Andrew, bagpipes, harps and fiddles. In the centre is a bird upon a stump of a pine tree, above which is the motto: "Sing as if you live in the early days of a better nation".

The dust jacket features a full-colour painting of various characters enjoying the music of a fiddle-player. The back flap has painted portraits of both the editor and the designer/illustrator. Inside, the book is printed in black and red with illustrations in grey. The internal illustrations are of a consistently high standard, each section using a variety of images reflecting the subject of the songs (war, love, exile, death etc.).

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