Lanark 1982
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A Short Survey of Classic Scottish Writing

After the big three novels (Lanark, 1982, Janine and Poor Things), Gray's short stories should be the next place to visit -- especially Unlikely Stories, Mostly. The tales in this collection contain, in a concentrated form, what it is that makes Gray such a valuable writer: 'Five Letters from an Eastern Empire' is a paticularly fine example.

In 1992, for the UK General Election, he produced Why Scots should Rule Scotland -- rewritten in 1997 -- which continues his defence and praise of the country of which he is so proud. His non-fiction shows a consistent vision of small-S socialism and small-N nationalism, which is carried over into his most recent large-scale work, The Book of Prefaces. Sixteen years in the making, this is virtually a love-letter to the english language. Dozens of his friend helped him to finish this in time for it to see the light of day before the 3rd millennium.

Alongside the stories and non-fiction, poetry and plays have been a constant through out his writing career. In fact, the plays are what kept him writing through the 60s and 70s. Some of these plays were later reworked into novels (e.g. The History Maker) or short stories (e.g. 'Near the Driver'). Something Leather is created from half a dozen of these old plays, framed within a new story and using new characters.