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Out-of-Print Books
Try this second-hand book site.

Alternatively, you can email Morag McAlpine, who will send you a list of available titles, many of which are signed. She also usually has prints of Gray's artwork for sale.
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Biographical Links

Canongate.Net -- Alasdair Gray's main UK publisher

Dalkey Archive Press -- US small press, beginning to reprint Gray's unavailable works.

Chapman -- Small Scottish literary magazine, which has published many of Gray's poems and short stories and for which Gray designed about 15 original covers during the 1980s.

National Library of Scotland -- Holds the Gray archive of personal papers, manuscripts and drawings, which you can study (if you have permission from Alasdair Gray himself). Also holds a searchable catalogue of the library's stock.

People's Palace -- Glasgow social history museum for which Gray was official artist recorder for about 10 months in the late 1970s. Painted about 30 pictures for the museum, illustrating the community, social life and local characters.

Glasgow University -- Gray currently holds the post of Professor of Creative Writing, along with James Kelman and Tom Leonard. Sounds like a pretty good place to be studying how to write at the moment.

British Library Document Supply Centre -- Northern outpost of the British Library in charge of the nation's document supply and interlibrary loans. Interestingly, it is built on the site of the munitions workers hostel of which Alasdair Gray's father was in charge during WWII. Gray lived here for several years when a child and went to school in Wetherby. The BL are also publishing a book, in June 2002, entitled Alasdair Gray: Critical Appreciations and a Bibliography, which should be very useful.


cover of "Alasdair Gray:Critical Appreciations and a Bibliography"

A limited edition of 100 copies, signed and with additional colour plates and blocked boards is also available (click here).

This book is also available to purchase directly from the British Library's online bookstore (plenty of other books that might take your interest)

Glasgow Print Studio -- Published Gray's first ever book, a paperback edition of 'The Comedy of the White Dog'. It's now very expensive second-hand, and not very common. According to one bibliography, several hundred copies were returned to Gray in the early 1980s and destroyed.

Other links that might be of interest

Slainte Scottish Writers Project

The Complete Review -- Good for reviews of Gray's work (something difficult enough to find in high-brow newspapers).