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Sixteen Occasional Poems (2000)

First of March 1990
Winter Housekeeping
Waiting in Galway
South Africa April 1994
Dear Colleague
Epitaph 1998
Biblical Themes (shuffled like dreams)
Agamemnon's Return
Tales from the Polish Woods
Bosnian Heads
No Way
To Tom Leonard
Postscript on What Occasioned the Foregoing Verses

Listen to Alasdair Gray read the poem 'Postmodernism'. (Real Player file: 30 secs)
Listen to Alasdair Gray read the poem 'Dear Colleague'. (Real Player file: 44 secs)

This collection brings together most of Gray's poetic output since Old Negatives. The poems are lighter in tone and weight than the earlier collection, but are worth reading. The back cover of the book says that: 'These poems were written when Gray was mainly working on his BOOK OF PREFACES, and reflects some themes in that book: self-government, love, god, legends, language and some national states'. The poems themselves are printed on grey paper.

In addition to the paperback edition, a leather-bound hardback edition of two hundred copies numbered and signed by the author was printed and sold at £40. This edition does not seem to be available anywhere other than through Morag McAlpine. The limited edition has no jacket, instead silver blocking on the boards reproduces the paperback cover design.

Alasdair Gray's books are sometimes difficult to get hold of. Where they are available, I have included links below to the amazon sites in the UK and the USA. Where a record is on their database, they will usually include links to used-book sellers who can offer the title, even if it is not available direct from amazon themselves.

Not on Amazon USA. Try the UK site, Bookfinder (see links page) or Morag McAlpine.

Alternatively, you can try emailing Morag McAlpine, who can send you a list of available titles. She usually has a variety of out-of-print books, often signed, and also a selection of prints of Gray's artwork, also signed.